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    Why You Should Get Your Own Unstoppable Domain (And How To Do It)

    What Is Unstoppable Domains?

    Unstoppable Domains is not like any other domain names registrar that is control by centralised entities.

    It’s a blockchain domain that allows the owner to complete payments with human-readable blockchain domain name instead of their cryptocurrency wallet addresses.

    When you own a blockchain domain, it enables you to build a censorship resistant website that is entirely controlled only by the owner. As such, no company or court order can own it.

    If you ever decide to own your personal blockchain domain, you will be considered the owner indefinitely without ever being charged for recurring fees.

    In this Unstoppable Domains review, discover in-depth insights on how you can utilise blockchain domain to your benefit and what you can look out for before making a commitment to purchase.

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    How To Own An Unstoppable Domains

    Simply visit Unstoppable Domains and search for a domain in the search bar to check its availability.

    Any blockchain domain that is available from your search results can be added to cart for your purchase. 

    Just like the varieties of different TLDS (top level domains) that are available in the official ICANN TLDs domains registrar, you can also expect different TLDs when you’re browsing for blockchain domains names

    Examples of TLDs on Unstoppable Domains:

    • .blockchain
    • .bitcoin
    • .coin
    • .crypto
    • .nft
    • .wallet
    • .888
    • .dao
    • .x

    Unstoppable Domain - Landing Page

    The most commonly bought TLDs for blockchain domains are currently .crypto. There is no restriction whether you should not own other TLDs like the own listed above. 

    Each of the different TLDs are created to gear towards a different community / set of interest on the main Ethereum blockchain.

    How To Use Your Unstoppable Domains

    Here is what you can do if you own any Blockchain Domain: 

    • Make payments and receive funds with human-readable addresses
    • Build & launch decentralised website 
    • Create personal NFT gallery
    • Mint & Re-sell blockchain domain 

    Benefits Of Using Unstoppable Domains

    You might wonder why would you  need Unstoppable Domains?

    Unless you’re into cryptocurrencies and require to do transactions often, this is something that you will want to have.

    Hassle-Free Transaction Experience

    Replacing cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable blockchain names provide so much more ease when it comes to sending and receiving cryptocurrencies to your wallet.

    You no longer need to copy an address back and forth from one dashboard to another or double checking checking the long string of cryptocurrency wallet addresses to see if they are right or not.

    With a blockchain name, you’ll get a hassle-free experience simply by typing in your blockchain domain name to complete your transaction.

    Huge Cost Savings For Launching A Website

    Centralised ICANN domain name registrar and hosting platforms require owners to pay recurring fees to maintain their websites.

    In total, they can cost anything from $300++ per year onwards. Bigger organisations requires more band-width to support their usage and therefore it’s going to cost way more for hosting plans.

    Owning a blockchain domain from Unstoppable Domains only charge one-time fee and allow users to own it for life!

    Full Custody of Blockchain Domain name

    Claiming the blockchain domain name allows the blockchain domain to be transferred from Unstoppable Domain’s system onto the blockchain and into your wallet. 

    This will allows you to have full custody of your domain and then use can start using its abilities such as replacing crypto wallet addresses and building decentralised websites.

    6 Things You Need To Know

    Unless you’re someone who explore in-depth on blockchain domain before making a purchase, you might miss some of these important information that are only in the FAQ library and not listed on the Unstoppable Domains’s landing page on first glance.

    Here are the top 5 things that you need to know before committing a purchase at Unstoppable Domains:

    1. Gas Fee Required for Claiming BlockChain Domain

    Paying for initial one-time registration fee is completely different from actually claiming the blockchain domain name off Unstoppable Domain. 

    To have complete full custody over your blockchain domain and to utilise its full functional features to conduct any form of transitions, you’re required to further CLAIM the blockchain domain. 

    Claiming is the process of minting your domain on our servers and then pushing it to the Blockchain and your cryptocurrency wallet so that you take 100% control and custody of the domain. (Gas fee is paid in Ethereum (ETH))

    Unstoppable Domain Review - Claim With ETH

    The current Layer 1 solution that Unstoppable Domains is on will requires gas fee of $40 (excluding purchase of domain) for each blockchain domain claim.

    Check out this post to find out how can you pay with your MetaMask wallet.

    2. Gas Fee Will Be Absorbed After Layer 2 Solution Is Released

    It’s mentioned that Unstoppable Domains will be paying for all their customer’s gas fees after the launch of Layer 2 solution. 

    Tentative launch date for Layer 2 solution is between August – September 2021 and updates will be provided to the community. 

    It is also good to know that their Layer 2 scaling solution is their own internal solution and is not being developed in conjunction with or alongside any ETH 2.0 solutions.

    As long as you’ve bought the blockchain domain, you can claim it anytime you want! It is not nesscesry to claim your blockchain domain immediately if you’re not in a hurry to use it. 

    The unclaimed blockchain domain that you’ve purchased will remain in Unstoppable Domain’s custody until you choose to claim in. No one else will be able to take it away from you.

    3. Gas Fee Required For Uploading Your Website To IPFS

    Unless you’re using pinata.cloud who offers up to 1GB of free IPFS storage, you’re expected to pay the blockchain gas fees when you upload your website onto IPFS.

    Here are some tips to help you get started with launching your website using your blockchain domain:

    1. You Download Mobirise to your PC, start, run and build a website there.
    2. Download all files then to dedicated one folder on your desktop (you need to create a one folder on the desktop, where you will be downloading all files from Mobirise)
    3. Go to Pinata.cloud and create an account.
    4. Upload files from desktop to Pinata.cloud and take hash that they provide.
    5. Enter the hash in your admin panel in Unstoppable Domains account under my domains > website > Link Custom Website with IPFS

    4. Amazing 24/7 Online Customer Service Support

    Expect the most amazing pre-sale and post-sale customer service experience. They have never failed to exceed expectations while serving.

    Unstoppable domains’s customer service support is nothing short of resourcefulness and patient. 

    Seriously, ask them anything! 

    5. Well Documented Guide

    The last thing is to not being able to find answers for any questions that you may have regarding Unstoppable Domains’s products services.

    Unstoppable Domains provides transparency with a proper documentation of their resources and a community forum for their customers share interesting topics / solutions.

    This means that at any point, you can just get in touch with their customer service support. Or, if you’d prefer, you can look up for answers within their website’s FAQ section, community forum and engage with them on telegram.

    6. NFT compatible

    Your Unstoppable Domains allows you to create your own decentralised NFT art gallery collection.It’s another perfect way to showcase your collections and market to the public.

    Unstoppable Domain Review - Create NFT Gallery

    But of course, you’ll need claim your blockchain domain name first then verify you’re the ownership of the NFTs by signing the transaction with the wallet where the domain and your NFTs are stored.


    Decentralisation is being seen more and more frequently in the world of business. It is the true power behind the crypto space and it is one of the main differentiators between a traditional economy and a decentralised economy.

    This technology has the power to totally change how companies and individuals conduct business.

    Those who will benefit from it will surely reap the rewards of a decentralised economy and a new way to exchange and transact value in the future.

    Blockchain technology offers many possibilities, but one of them is the creation of decentralised currencies, which are being created by crypto tokens like Bitcoin. These are valuable because of the internet itself, and they allow users to carry out transactions and keep money in a decentralised manner. 

    You can enjoy the benefits of decentralisation and be an early adaptor by getting involved. Get yourself a blockchain domain from Unstoppable Domains.

    We hope you have enjoyed this Unstoppable Domains Review. Feel free to write in to us and leet us know what other content you’ll like to see.

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