How to trade on Binance dApp in Safepal App

How to trade on Binance dApp in Safepal App

Trading on Safepal App is possible and it also allows you to access to other decentralised apps (dApps) at the same time. This unique experience is simple & very straight forward, as it only requires you to connect your Safepal wallet to any dApps of your choice to start trading.

These reputable dApps are also accessible via Safepal App:

  • Binance, Binance Dex
  • PancakeSwap, Pancake Farm
  • UniSwap,
  • Compound
  • Rarible
  • SolFarm
  • Aave (Polygon)
  • SushiSwap (Polygon)

In this article, we will cover how you can trade on Binance using SafepApp.

Table of Contents

  1. Prerequisite
    1.1 Pair Wallet on Safepal App
  2. Access Binance dApp
    2.1 Search for Binance dApp in Safepal app
    2.2 Deposit Cryptocurrency
  3. Check your funds in Binance dApp
  4. Start Trading Binance dApp


Ensure you have purchased a Safepal hardware wallet and installed Safepal App on your mobile device (mac/andriod).

FYI, hardware wallet is known to be the most secured method to safe keep your cryptocurrency assets. You may also continue after creating your software wallet on Safepal App.

Pair Wallet on Safepal App

To view, manage and trade your cryptocurrency assets, you should pair your hardware wallet with your Safepal App first. Follow the instructions on your devices and complete the pairing process.