3 Reasons Why you might Love Refuel Cafe Too

3 Reasons Why you might Love Refuel Cafe Too

When you search online for best cafes to go to or recommendations for a good brunch, Refuel Cafe is rarely one of the top options. However, being a lifelong eastie, I believe that this hidden gem should be shared with people from all corners of the island. Here are the top 3 reasons why I think you’ll love this humble brunch spot as much as I do!

Brunch favourites and unique fare

Refuel Cafe - Full Tank with Extra Smoked Salmon
Image Source: Refuel Cafe

Refuel Cafe has its own share of classic brunch treats. The Extra Tank is their take on the English breakfast and consists of everyday favourites such as scrambled eggs, mushrooms and sausages. However, the inclusion of smoked salmon makes it a slightly more atas take on your traditional plate.

Refuel Cafe - Fuel Me Up

One dish I was pleasantly surprised by was the Fuel Me Up. It appears to be a variation of the middle Eastern dish shakshuka, which I certainly didn’t expect to find here. The tomato base was a perfect carrier for the freshly toasted bread and the meatballs were like little bursts of flavour within. Perfect for sharing.

Easily accessible by public transport

Long before the treetop walks and island cycling, there was Bedok Reservoir. This east-side landmark is small enough to jog the entire lap and is also home to various activities, such as the Forest Adventure and is great for a morning of family bonding. Refuel Cafe is a splendid choice for a hearty post-exercise meal. Also, after sweating the entire morning, you would surely want to settle down at an air-conditioned place! It’s also just a short walk from the nearest bus stop. Alternatively, you can choose to walk from Bedok North MRT as well.

House-brewed drinks and great desserts!

If you’re heading to Refuel Cafe, you certainly shouldn’t miss out on their drinks! They have the perfect thirst quenchers such as the Orange Mint Tea and the Iced Lychee Tea, both great options to cool you down in Singapore’s blistering heat.

Refuel Cafe -  Salted Caramel Waffle

I am also partial to the Salted Caramel Waffle. You have a choice of ice cream scoops (vanilla, chocolate or Earl Grey) but I will always go for the Earl Grey, which pairs perfectly with the crispy waffle and the sweetness of the caramel drizzle. Although they aren’t a specialised ice cream cafe, their waffle can easily rival some of the stronger contenders out there!

Enough of me waxing lyrical about the strong points of Refuel Cafe. Go down and check it out for yourself! You may want to avoid peak meal periods though, especially if you’re a larger group. Otherwise, come early, leave your mobile number and then go for a stroll in the neighbourhood!