Grand Park City Hall Luxury Hotel, Singapore | 3D2N Review

Grand Park City Hall Luxury Hotel, Singapore | 3D2N Review

Grand Park City Hall is the embodiment of the saying, “Don’t Judge a Book by its cover”. I have walked past the unassuming-looking building many times but have never taken a second glance at it. However, despite the dated exterior, the interior of the hotel is newly-refurbished and the epitome of luxury living.

COVID-19 is the buzzword of the year and like many of you, my travel plans were disrupted because of it. Luckily, like many hotels in Singapore, Grand Park City Hall was running a local staycation deal (S$188++ per night for the Crystal Club Premier King with Crystal Club Privileges).

Checking in to Grand Park City Hall

My check-in was done seamlessly – I proceeded straight up to the Crystal Club floor where I was assigned to my room which is absolutely gorgeous.

The first thing you would notice upon walking in is the bathroom. It’s accented by a roomy bathtub, which not many hotels in Singapore have. The bathroom and bedroom is just separated by glass, which makes the room seem so much bigger. That goes without saying that the bed is king sized and super comfy and sheets were satiny and smooth and just such a joy to lie on. The unexpected highlight of the room for us was that the table was just next to the full-length windows which made the room suitable for workaholics as well!

Premier King Room with Crystal Club Privileges

Seamless Technology Experience

Another experience worthy to share with you is their inbuilt technology within the hotel, Grand Park City Hall Hotel has a mobile app that allows you to manage your booking and even the hotel room facilities! You can even order room services directly from your smartphone and close the blinds for more privacy too!!! (Pro Tip: you can “order” different types of pillows if you download the Grand Park app!)

Grandpark App
Grand Park City Hall Mobile App

Facilities & Services

The top floor of the hotel is home to the gym (small but functional!) and the swimming pool. Even if you aren’t a swimmer, the swimming pool is the ultimate relaxation spot because of the lounge chairs. You could just lay around and enjoyed the sun.

Eating is a local pastime so I was ecstatic to know that the crystal club privileges include cocktails and canapes in the evening! Everything is free flow – so you can even just skip dinner and sample the food here. The canapes were different on the 2 evenings I was here. The bites are all delicious and just so much fun to eat. If you can, get a club room because cocktail hour itself is worth the upgrade! Also, they don’t skimp on the alcohol – my highball drinks was at least double shots.

canapes grand park hotel
Breakfast at GrandPark Hotel


The breakfast was pretty typical of hotel breakfasts – good continental selection, a live egg station, and free flow of coffee. However, what sets it apart is that you can also order a main which varies by the day – there was seafood noodle soup on one day and porridge on another. The head chef herself goes around to recommend the daily offering to guests.

Another standout of Grand Park City Hall is the service! The staff are all extremely affable and will always make you feel welcome. Even before I checked in, the manager had already emailed me to ask me for the name of the birthday guest.

Convenient Location

Oh, not to mention – the newly renovated Funan Mall is right next door which is great because a lot of my favourite food offerings are available there. If you are looking for a nice relaxing staycation where you don’t have to go far to get food, this is the place to be. For tourists, Grand Park City Hall is right in the heart of Singapore and has great connectivity to the many leisure and entertainment spots.


My impromptu booking turned out to be one of my favorite hotels yet! The best part, Grand Park City Hall is now SGClean certified. For all of us suffering from travel withdrawal, a staycation here may just be the cure to our blues. Without a doubt, Grand Park City Hall Hotel is my to-go hotel in Singapore, they met every aspect of my staycation expectations and treated me as a valued guest.

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